Beyond the Horizon

Documentary Short

    In 1845, Sir John Franklin led 128 men on two ships in search for the Northwest Passage. Caught in ice in their first year, all men eventually perished, with the story of the doomed expedition living on, attracting explorers seeking the remains. In September 2014, one of the ships, the HMS Erebus was finally found. Observing the story from the perspective of both the lost sailors and the archaeologists at the forefront of the discovery, Beyond The Horizon reflects on a unique place where the progress of time can lose all meaning.

    Beyond The Horizon was shot on location above the HMS Erebus, in Nunavut, Canada, in April of 2015. Alongside an operation conducted by the Royal Canadian Navy Arctic Operations and Joint Task Force North, Parks Canada underwater archaeologists set up camp on the frozen ice for just over one week. Digging through 3 metres of ice, they created a hole to visit the ship in ideal conditions: no wave flow, and clear visibility. Director Ryan J. Noth was on site for 3 nights, conducting interviews and filming the diving and camp life in action with cinematographer Stephen Chung, and with this film presents the lost story of the ship, and its new caretakers’ hopes for the story’s finale.

    • World Premiere, TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (September 2015)
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