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    BRAND CANADA is a kaleidoscopic exploration of Canada the brand… From the artwork and images that first symbolized Canada, through the building and appropriation of a collective identity, to how the country is viewed today.

    Over 10 digital pieces varying in length from 2-6 min, this unique anthology covers a dizzying spectrum of stories relating to Canada’s brand, with takes that are irreverent, thought-provoking, inspiring and totally off-the-wall.

    Each episode is directed by a notable emerging or mid-career Canadian filmmaker to include both a diversity of voices and creative approaches. Directors are encouraged to choose a documentary form that best suits their subject, rather than follow a prescribed series construct. The process fosters creative exploration and experimentation with documentary, and in a highly contemporary format – the digital mini doc.

    Episode subjects include… the Canadian Pacific / brand Canada “origin story;” Canada’s immovable reputation as a “good” country; the tangible impact of Canada’s biggest musical exports, Drake and Shania Twain; the patriotism-spurring influence of Molson’s seminal television ad, “The Rant;” a 35mm- filmed reflection on the idea of the “Canadian Dream;” an interview with the ‘creator’ of the viral “MEANWHILE IN CANADA” internet meme; an animated portrait of Justin Trudeau: internet celebrity / Prime Minister; a karaoke ode to “Canada’s snack,” ketchup chips; an illustrated history of iconic Canadian design; and a look at how American TV influences Canada’s brand – from the perspective of Mexicans.

    • Winner, BUENOS AIRES WEB FEST – Best Documentary Series, Best Documentary Director
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