The Missing Tourist

Mystery Documentary

    On October 17, 2014, Atsumi Yoshikubo arrived in Yellowknife, Canada from Japan. Over the next few days, she visited a gift shop and a tourist information centre where she made inquiries about viewing the aurora borealis – the main attraction for Japanese tourists visiting the remote Northwest Territories. Five days after she arrived, Atsumi went walking along the main road heading out of the city and was never seen again.

    THE MISSING TOURIST tells the story of Atsumi Yoshikubo’s mysterious disappearance and the controversial conclusion of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that the 45-year-old doctor “arrived in Yellowknife with a plan to go into the wilderness alone and become a missing person.” Tracing Atsumi’s journey from a small prefecture in southern Japan to the wilderness of the Northwest Territories, the film sheds new light on the investigation and attempts to bring a sense of closure to one of the most unsettling mysteries in the history of the Canadian North.

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